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    Multi-instrumentalists, Kata Hay and Dan O'Rourke, met on the critically acclaimed T.V. show "The Voice" in 2015. Both singers and songwriters in their own right, Hay and O'Rourke thought it wise to combine their efforts and talents to create a musical fusion of their own styles, topics and arrangements. Undoubtedly their music is Americana as they feature the Country/Western roots of Kata as well as the Folk/Blues background of Dan. The duo have combined well to create well-measured harmonies while taking turns in the spotlight. Their performances give listeners a balanced mix of styles to keep the show fresh and captivating. On stage the two have a charming dynamic with pleasant, playful banter displaying entertainment beyond just the music. Hay-O'Rourke play gigs regularly and are in the midst of creating an EP for their listeners to take home.

  • Gigs

    If we're not playing near you, contact us and we'll be sure to fix that!


    1st - Tavern 96 (Nashville) 4-7pm Happy hour

    10th - Mike's Bar and Grill - (Clarksville) 5:30 - 8:30pm

    15th - Tavern 96 (Nashville) 4-7pm Happy hour

    22nd - Tavern 96 (Nashville) 4-7pm Happy hour

    29th - Tavern 96 (Nashville) 4-7pm Happy hour


    4th - Preservation Pub - (Knoxville, TN) 9pm

    9th - The Social - (Asheville, NC) 7-9pm

    22nd - The Station at Miser Station (Louisville, TN) 7pm

    28th - Dragonfly Wine Market (Shelby, NC) 6:30pm

    29th - Legion Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC) 8pm


    1st - 4th - AyerWaves Music Festival (Winfield, TN)

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